Pavel Godoroja Dental propedeutics



Directions of the Department’s Research

  1. Optimization of the Clinical and techniqual parameter used in the implant-prosthetic treatment
  2. Pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis, treatment of diseases of the stomatognathic system
  3. Optimization of the surgical treatment of diseases dento-alveolar surgery
  4. Optimization of the implant-prosthetic treatment in oral rehabilitation.

Theses of Doctoral and Postdoctoral

  • Chele Nicolae

“The effectiveness of installing endosseous dental implants after tooth extraction in different terms”

Determining the effectiveness of implant-prosthetic treatment at different times of installation edentulous patients by performing such treatment and systematic collection and evaluation of materials, in order to improve the algorithm of the scheme and method of implant-prosthetic treatment in different loading times.

  • Melnic Svetlana

“Comparative study of implants prosthetic treatment with immediate, early and late loading ”

Determining the effectiveness of implant-prosthetic treatment in different charging times, early recovery rehabilitation of edentulous partial morpho-functional purpose.

  • Cheptănaru Olga

“Peculiarities in prosthetic treatment of patients with single-tooth gaps”

Increasing the efficiency of prosthetic treatment of patients with unilateral breach by addressing both the maxillary dental treatment by conventional bridges and implant superstructure, based on indications and contraindications that may arise as a result of this disease.

  • Marina Iurie

“The role of conservative and surgical treatment in the rehabilitation of the periapical tissues and chronic apical periodontitis”

Determine experimentally the effectiveness of various methods of mechanical preparation of root canals in drug layer removing deleted. Develop a modern treatment algorithm of acute and chronic apical periodontitis. Increase the effectiveness of conservative treatment and surgical acute and chronic apical periodontitis using nanopreparatului the purpose of facilitating more effective bone regeneration.

  • Vadim Oineagră

“The clinical treatment plan occlusion shading partial edentulous”

The study features leveling the occlusal plane in edentulous patients with partial morpho-functional optimization of achieving balance between the components of the stomatognathic system.